Friday, February 20, 2015

The slowly deteriorating universe

On our human timescale, we readily accept that life has both a beginning and an end.  While the scale of the quantum universe is vastly longer it too has a beginning and an end.  The slow march of the pure energy which comprises the shells of the fundamental quantum particles into dark matter as it interacts with other fundamental quantum particles is little more than the life span of the quantum universe slowly coming to an end, ultimately leaving our universe as a bubble of nothing but dark matter.   It is in fact true to say that the creation of the physical world is causing the demise of the quantum one.  This is of course the natural reduction in the energetic state of the multiverse, as when the fundamental quantum particle which is our universe within the multiverse eventually loses all the pure energy of its shell, the remaining dark matter which was once our universe will join the dark matter of the multiverse.

The quantum world tends to seem like an enigma for many people as it does not need to follow the same rules as the physical world which it creates, however the quantum world itself is quite beautiful in its simplicity.  It is simply moving from a more to less energetic state, both within the multiverse and within the smaller subset which is our universe.  Our physical universe as we see it is simply a byproduct of the fundamental quantum particles interacting slowly converting their pure energy shells into dark matter and reducing thier energetic state as a result, until there is nothing but dark matter remaining.

For me the way the quantum world interacts to create our physical one is the single most beautiful thing imaginable.  Running through the timescale from the moment of the big bang through all of the interactions that had to occur to bring rise to our universe, and our home here on earth is the most humbling thing there could ever be.  Nearly fourteen billion years to get us to where we are today, truly makes our petty differences seem absurd.  The truth of the matter is the quantum world will continue on it's slow and steady march with or without us, isn't it better to take the time to observe its beauty.

When we consider that our entire universe is nothing more than a single fundamental quantum particle existing within the multiverse, likely as a larger structure bringing forth a physical reality within it we can truly begin to see our place in the larger scheme of things.  It is important to realize our universe is slowly deteriorating, however, we are lucky enough to enjoy the fruits of its journey.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Double Slit experiment question reply

I was asked to answer how my theory explains the famous double slit experiment. Thanks so much for asking the question.

First off I believe the standard explanation that the result wave patterns are in fact probability waves to be only partially correct.  While it certainly is true that it can be said where the individual electrons land on the catchment plate can be calculated as a probability, I believe this side steps the question of why they are getting there in that pattern altogether. 

Logically one might think that there would be a equal pattern of two lines of electrons on the catchment plate one corresponding to each slit in the screen, however of course that is not what we see, so why is that?  Well the experiment assumes as we naturally would in our physical world that that those electrons would behave as something much larger, say a ball.  But overlooks the fact that something as large as a ball is made up of so many fundamental quantum particles and the bonds they have formed has overcome the surrounding dark matters effects on an individual fundamental quantum particle.  As a result when individual electrons are fired at the screen they are being force to push their way through the surrounding dark matter and in effect wind up riding a wave of dark matter to the slit screen.  once they reach the screen the additional dark matter being given off from the screen by all of the bonds it has created, hence forcing the wave of dark matter and the electron it carries to funnel through the screen and form the familiar interference pattern we see on the collection screen.  In essence a fundamental quantum particle is always a particle, it never switches from a particle to a wave (whether we are looking at it or not) but rather is simply riding an invisible wave.  Think of what pattern you would get if you pushed a ball toward the screen in water, but couldn't see the water.

Thanks again for the question.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We are Quantum

The quantum world which lies beneath our physical one is the true origin of our universe.  Its laws allow for the creation of our physical existence and continually control it, however much like any parent/child relationship the child often has much greater influence over the parent’s actions than they might like to admit.  As our universe began to mature, its laws eventually began to have greater and greater pull on the quantum world until ultimately at the heart of a black hole the physical forces began to overwhelm the quantum ones.

It is this very bidirectional interaction between the quantum and physical worlds which allows for both realms to flourish.  In a sense we exist in both realms simultaneously, or perhaps more exactly both realms exist within us simultaneously.  

Monday, February 17, 2014

Through the looking glass

Our world is a magnificent place filled with wonder and seemingly endless beauty.  This majesty inspires our basic human drive to understand our place in the cosmos, a drive which fuels both science and religion alike.   

The really beauty in our universe comes not in the form of a rose, a landscape, or the complexity of a DNA sequence but rather in its ability to create those things from the simplest of building blocks.  While the evolutionary process from which all of those things were created from nothing more than clouds of hydrogen is spectacular, the real beauty lies in the laws allowing for and governing those initial hydrogen atoms and everything they have ever or will ever create. 

Human being naturally struggle with an inherent desire to understand how and why we are here while desperately resistant to the concept that there can be more to the nature of the universe than we are directly able to observe.  In recent decades scientific and technical advances press at this internal struggle by allowing us direct observance of ever smaller bits of the matter in our universe.  For most people the dividing line between science and religion actually lies at the cusp of our technological achievements, meaning at the point where we are no longer directly able to observe something religion turns to a higher power, while science turns to mathematical equations for solace with this struggle.  The quantum physical bridge is this dividing line, it is the dividing line where our physical laws break down, it is also, as the name suggests the bridge between our physical universe and the underlying quantum universe. 

The true answers to our human struggles lie not in mere understanding of the underlying quantum world, the true beauty is in the bi-directional nature of the quantum physical bridge which allows not only for the mere quantum world to control our physical one, but ultimately in our ability to peer beyond our physical universe.  The answers the human race seeks lie in the quantum world; however passage to the multiverse lies not beyond the edges of the universe, but through the looking glass of the quantum physical bridge.

Lack of updates

Please forgive my lack of updates:

I have received several queries as to my lack of updates to this site.  I would like to apologize for my inattentiveness, sadly I have been suffering some rather severe financial issues, which unfortunately require my undivided attention.  As today is a holiday (in the U.S) I will try to gather my thoughts and put together an article today.

On a personal note; I find it extremely upsetting how the current economic and political environment and the hardships they impose upon good hardworking people have the ability to derail the very understanding of the things which allow for their existence. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Why DeadAlienTech?

Sometimes no one and everyone can be correct

Understanding the fundamental quantum particle interactions is wonderful on an academic level, however the application of those interactions and control of those interactions will move humanity to the next technological level, or perhaps it will simply allow us to regain long forgotten abilities.

Following the Fundamental Quantum particle theory whereby the quantum and physical realms are distinctly separate entities in which the quantum world (and its interactions) gives rise to the physical world, the concept of control over the quantum world may seem impossible.  In fact it would be if it weren’t for one by product of fundamental quantum particle interactions.  The very same by product which gives rise to the physical world, I’m speaking of course of the electrical charge created by the interactions of fundamental quantum particles.  This charge also known and the quantum/physical bridge allows for a two way communication between the two worlds.
The reason I am writing this is by way of an explanation, as I have gotten numerous online questions and funny looks in person as to the title of my site “”, so perhaps it’s time to address them.  In physics it’s often said, albeit tongue and cheek, that the issue with singularities is; why do they necessarily need to create the building blocks of the universe, why don’t dragons just fly out of them.  Religions tell us that everything was created by the hand of a higher power, and still other fringe people think that aliens are pulling the cosmic strings.  Well I don’t believe in higher powers (either god or little green (or grey) men) nor do I believe in dragons (or for that matter singularities).  The title (Dead Alien Technology) is actually my poking fun at people’s inability to take the next step.  To me simply because something is difficult to understand doesn’t mean it requires someone (or something) to be pulling the strings, it also doesn’t mean accepting something as fact which is completely illogical simply because the mathematics leads you there.  In short (and definitely with a great deal of sarcasm) you don’t need to go dust off the obligatory dead aliens in the closet to answer the mysteries of the world, universe, or multiverse.  You simply need to have an open mind, not worry about your values, beliefs, or professional standing but rather follow the logic of what is right there in front of you.

In my up coming series of articles I will be discussing the quantum/physical bridge in great detail and how it bears the answers to all the great mysteries.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Nothing or everything

If I asked you to imagine “nothing”, you would likely try to empty your mind and imagine a vast black space.  Unfortunately, you wouldn’t be imagining “nothing” you’d simply be imagining a vast black space.  The reason people have such a difficult time with this idea, is we naturally think of “nothing” as empty space, essentially a stage waiting to have something brought on to it.  The much more mind bending truth is “nothing” simply doesn’t exist without something.  While you may be rolling your eyes at this concept, if we examine the problem you’ll understand why.  If you imagine your black empty space, and I were to ask the simple question of “how big is the space?”, any answer you give including infinite is in fact a dimension which is a measurement of space, and if there is space it is no longer nothing, but a measurable space.   To put this another way, if your asked to imagine 3 apples, most likely you will actually picture three apples freely floating on a black background.  If your then asked to subtract three apples and asked what’s left.  You’d answer nothing or zero apples, while mathematically correct, you’re not left with nothing because for just a second then black background remains in your imagination.  The odd truth is “nothing” aka “zero” as their opposite values “infinity” are mathematical constructs which don’t have any place in the physical world.  Having said that our universe most certainly did not come into existence from nothing, our multiverse on the other hand certainly did. 

In the beginning, and I do mean the beginning, our multiverse came into existence when something gave rise to nothing.  More exactly our multiverse came into existence when two of the smallest bits of pure energy from elsewhere in the omniverse began to pull toward one another.  The very instant these two bits of pure energy began to interact, suddenly there was a measurable space between them and the “nothing” between them came into existence.  This is the very instant of our creation, the very moment the first bits of pure energy became aware of one another sparked the creation of the “nothing” which they instantly begin to inhabit and ultimately mark the very edges which define our multiverse within the omniverse.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

From Nothing to Universe (Part 3)

This article is by far my favorite one to write, the reason is simple; this article ties everything together and in doing so shows the true majesty of our universe and the greater multiverse. 

Picking up where we left off; as each trio of interacting universes escapes the membranes which created them into the containing dark matter, they undergo somewhat of a transformation.  The dark energy they are releasing; no longer bound by the membranes, begins to disperse away from the trio freely into the multiverse.  No longer held together by this protective shell, the interactions and bonds between the universes now must for the first time fact the quantum laws of the multiverse on their own.  

At this point the individual universes must undergo the same process themselves as is happening inside each of them.  The universes as a whole, and the fundamental quantum particles contained in each of them begin their evolutionary process of bonding, and breaking apart with others of differing sizes, forming different combinations over and over again, until they reach a relative stability; an equilibrium between the attractive forces they exude and the repulsion of the dark energy they create.  

You have likely noticed that thus far in the multiverse I have only discussed dark energy being released from the interaction of universes, and that I have completely omitted the electrical charge happening between fundamental quantum particles within the universes themselves.  The reason is the same reason that the physical laws of our universe breakdown at the heart of a black hole; the environment is not conducive for the quantum particles to create the physical realm.  This is not to say that the electrical charge which is a byproduct of the pure energy to dark matter conversion process isn’t created, but rather the quantum particles (or universes) are simply too tightly compacted to allow the electrical charge to coalesce into a link (or bond, which I like to visualize as an electrical arc) between the interacting quantum particles.  However, once released from the membrane, the universes are free to move further apart and electrical charges can coalesce into bonds between them.  Of the course the implications of the last, rather dry sounding sentence are that; free in the multiverse universes bond together into vast particles, in doing so bringing forth space time, and the physical laws, which are also coming into existence within their respective universes.  

At this point we get to ask yet another age old question; does size matter?  In our universe a hydrogen atom consists of a single proton orbited by a single electron, the proton consists of three quarks, which each consist of three fundamental quantum particles.  If in the multiverse nine universes form into three quarks, which form into a proton, and it’s orbited by three more universes which have bonded into an electron, is it still a hydrogen atom?  The answer of course must be yes, as there is no reason to believe the physical laws would change due to the size of the particles which bring them into existence.  As a result; within the multiverse universes form into quarks, and then protons neutrons and electrons, atoms and so on.  Logically, throughout the multiverse galaxies would form (and continuously expand) around the pairs of membranes which create their particles, and possibly, just possibly life will take hold somewhere within them, just as it does in the galaxies contained in just one of the trillions and trillions of universes of which they are made.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

From Nothing to a Universe (Part 2 of 3)

In the last article we covered up until the first universe was created in between two membranes in the multiverse, but of course that is not the end of the story, in fact it is just the beginning, so let’s pick up the story there.  

The conversion the opposing directional waves of dark energy into pure energy which will ultimately expand outward forming the bubble of the first universe forces the vast dark energy membranes which created it apart at that point.  However, the rest of these vast rippling membranes continue to charge forward towards each other.  As they do the process which created the first universe occurs again and again as countless ripples of each opposing membrane collide together.  With each collision a small portion of the dark energy of each membrane is converted to pure energy, and a new universe is born. 

Each of the universes created by the membranes is itself a bubble, trapped between the dark energy inside it pushing outwards on its pure energy shell, and the density of the dark matter of the multiverse trying to compress it.   As each new universe is created the pure energy of its shell is attracted to the pure energy the shells of surrounding universes.  As each new universe is created and the distance between them decreases, their attractive force to one another increases and they begin to pull towards their closest neighboring universes and their overall attractive force combines.  At this point these; now interacting universes become caught in a cycle where as they draw closer their attractive force continues to increase causing them to pull harder towards one another, while their increasing attractive force begins to pull more distant universes towards the pair.  With the creation of each new universe, new interactions are created and stronger interactions overpower weaker (more distant) ones.  .  This process will continue to increase throughout the vast membranes of the multiverse, as it does the stage becomes set for the universe to leave the womb of the membranes which created them.

At this point you may have noticed the developing symmetry between the universes of the multiverse and what is happening inside them as they are created.  Needless to say you wouldn’t be wrong; a universe of the multiverse and the fundamental quantum particles created within them during each of their creations (or big bangs) are in fact scaled versions of one another, each obeying the same laws of the quantum world.  However, unlike what occurs within a universe, at this point our new universes are trapped between two vast membranes, and will ultimately be flattened between them if they don’t escape.  

Interacting universes will continue to pull on one another until they get so close together they nearly collide.  As the shells of these universes are about to touch, the pure energy of each shell begins to convert into dark matter and gives off dark energy as a byproduct.  While the force of the dark energy being released in unable to overcome the force of attraction between the two universes, it is able to keep their shells slightly apart, resulting in the pair forming a highly unstable particle.  Within a universe a stable particle requires exactly three fundamental quantum particles; within the multiverse for a particle to become stable requires three universes to interact and bond together.  As this occurs the additional dark energy being released from the newly formed particles forces the membranes further apart, allowing the three universes comprising the particle to resume a more spherical shape.  Overtime the bubble created from the three universes will move through the membranes, propelled by its attraction from other universes and particles until ultimately it is cast out from an edge of the membranes into the multiverse.

Once free in the multiverse the dark energy being released by the particle, no longer held in place from the membranes, freely dissipates away from it.  As additional particles find their freedom from the membranes the stage becomes set for the quantum multiverse to give rise to the physical multiverse.  Part 3 of this article will discuss the rise of the physical multiverse.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

FInally Back

I'm finally back from the Holiday festivities.  It feels so good to be back to writing, I should be posting a new article tomorrow, sorry for the long delay.